The smartest way to run a successful fundraising auction online

PTFundraiser makes building amazing auction fundraisers a straightforward process for your organization.


Custom auctions

Create first-class auction pages with customizable features. Choose between two popular auction styles for greater impact.

Online bidding

Set minimum bids and increments for each of your auction items. Your bidders can easily bid online or through their mobile phones.

Outbid alerts

Encourage higher bids with an innovative outbid alert system. When a bidder is outbid, they’ll receive an alert instantly.

Attract competitive bidders and sell your items for top dollar


A dynamic fundraising platform for exceptional auction experiences

Get exactly what you need to effectively manage high volume auction fundraisers.

Our flexible fundraising platform was made to help you create professional fundraising auctions that attract and retain more bidders, for better overall item sales.

From auction customization and item listing, to powerful bid management and ongoing promotion – PTFundraiser has what you need.

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Simple online auctions that keep bidders coming back

electronic items
With PTFundraiser you’re able to launch highly competitive auctions in no time.

The platform lets you customize every element, and you’ll have your auction up and running in minutes. Once you’ve signed up for free, the platform’s entire suite of tools is at your disposal.

Choose your auction type, list the items you want to sell, and personalize your page. Then promote your auction far and wide, and watch the bids pour in!

The automated bidding system does the hard part for you.

Special features

These useful features make your auction easy to run


Run English (traditional) or Proxy (eBay-style) auctions


Upload items, create alerts and monitor bidding


Winning bidders are automatically charged

Auction boosters

These options make your auction stand out


Use text-to-bid, social sharing and mobile giving


Have multiple quantities per item and create item groups


Add auction prizes from our travel experience partner

Frequently asked questions

Creating your first PTFundraiser auction? Get answers to the most frequently asked questions on auction fundraisers here.

Create your fundraising auctions with PTFundraiser