You focus on the idea.

We'll take care of the rest.

Looking to set up a fundraiser at the last minute?

In need of an expert fundraising manager?

Use our full-service option and get your fundraiser set up, running and supported in a matter of hours - not weeks!

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Fast Execution

We'll work with you to gather requirements, determine various options and begin setting up your campaign immediately.

Donor support

We'll handle all your donor inquiries pertaining to your campaign, so you can focus on running your organization.

Fundraiser consulting

We'll share recommended best practices and messaging to get your fundraiser in front of as many eyes as possible.

Spend more time fundraising and less time supporting


A team of fundraising experts to maximize your profits

Everything you could wish for in a dedicated team to support your fundraiser.
The PTFundraiser full service support option takes all the headaches and uncertainty away that comes along with setting up your online campaign.

From campaign set up to customer support to report generation – PTFundraiser full service handles it all for you!



Better fundraising starts with proper set up and execution

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The full service option enhances and streamlines your fundraising process.

We'll work with you to develop a strategy to best fit your fundraising needs. We strive to understand your goals and align our fundraising support activities around them.

We'll provide recommendations - like "Team" fundraising - to increase activity and promotion of your fundraiser.

We'll handle all your donor's questions in a timely manner and make sure your fundraiser gets maximum attention.

From start to finish – every fundraiser is better with PTFundraiser.


How much does the Full Service option cost with PTFundraiser?

Simple pricing for a complex solution.


Not all organizations have the time, technical resources or staff to run a top of the line fundraiser with hundreds of donors – resulting in thousands of dollars in missed donations.
Our full service option is the perfect blend of cost and benefit. A fixed percent is applied to the amount raised and invoiced after you've completed your fundraiser - ensuring that you only pay as you raise!

Frequently asked questions

Looking to sign up for our full service option? Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about the service here.

Let a PTFundraiser expert run your next campaign and watch the donors line up