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PTFundraiser is a versatile online platform for creating impactful fundraisers

Everything you need to bring your fundraising imaginations to life

PTFundraiser allows you to create professional fundraising experiences for your organization in minutes. Our step-by-step process walks you through every aspect of building a fundraiser around your needs.

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Sell numbered, online and printed tickets to donors, and choose exactly when and where you select winners with automated or manual drawing.


Accept pledges per-anything you can imagine (hours, laps, etc.) and automate collection of per-unit and flat donations from your donors.


Fully customizable features means you can set minimum bids and increments for online and mobile bidding. And have outbid alerts to encourage higher bids.


Customize how attendees register and which information you collect, and set exclusive ticket types, pricing, time, and quantity parameters.


Build and share the dare to gain donor support with secure online payments, and record the challenge to create buzz and inspire more giving from your audience.


Complete with custom branding, official rules, and tiered donation levels, the system randomly draws winners in compliance with requirements.


Fully personalized pages. Tiered donation incentives. And easy automation for ‘thank-you’ emails and receipts for tax deductibility purposes.

Any currency. Any country.

Our fundraisers don’t have borders. No matter where in the world or which currency you’re working with, we work for you.

No subscription. No commitments.

We supply countless options of fundraiser types for you to hit the ground running and begin gathering donations.

No trial periods. No up-front costs.

When you create an account, you have full access to the application. Get in and start building without the worry of losing access.

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Create an account. No payment required.

Click ‘Start Fundraising’, add your name and email, and get unrestricted access to the platform.

Choose a fundraiser. Customize the process.

Templates, countdowns, progress bars and more. Add your branding, personalize your donation process, and add promo tools.

Pick your pricing. Allow donors to cover costs.

Choose between a Free Tip Jar option, or a fixed percentage added to donation costs or automatically deducted from the funds raised.

Register and launch.

Just provide some organization info and choose how to receive the funds you raise. Once everything’s just the way you want it, click publish to start raising funds.

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Most Popular

Works with our innovative tipping system which is entirely optional and lets the generosity of donors cover the costs.


A set percent is either deducted from the funds raised, or added to each donor’s total – the choice is yours.

4.9% for sales, crowdfunding, events, auctions and challenges
7.9% for raffles, sweepstakes, and a-thons

Stripe will deduct 2.2% + 30c to process each credit card transaction (or 2.9% + 30c if not a nonprofit)

By far the easiest fundraising tool I've ever worked with. We are a small parent-teacher group and don't have the time to manage a difficult application, but PTFundraiser helped us make a huge impact without all the hassle of learning an intricate system

Shari G.Rhode Island

It was really fun being able to build custom events in coordination with one another; we sold tickets to an event where activities raised funds for our non-profit, and it was a complete success. Already planning next year's event!

Anne B.Salem, MA

I'm usually hesitant to learn a new application, but this was easy to use for an "old guy." Secured online payments without a hassle. And sent automatic updates as bids began rolling in. It even messaged others about higher bids. Very intuitive.

Mark L.Long Beach, CA

We'll help you build a memorable fundraising experience